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“Welcome to our Tribute to Women blog, where we will share the latest news on personal rituals and a beautiful, lifestyle of happy and peaceful living.
I hope that you will enjoy following the blog and would like to recommend it to your friends who can also enjoy it.
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Be A Woman To Watch

The woman behind the new CPH Academy of Female Power

The bestselling author, coach, yoga and mindfulness instructor Sussanne Wexø, is an incredibly inspirational woman. She manages to combine all of her many talents at her Life Mastery Academy – located in the center of Copenhagen – a place of knowledge and empowerment for women of all ages.
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The Copenhagen Traveller: My Path To A Mindful Life

My Path To A Mindful Life: Life Mastery Coach Education by Sussanne Wexø Do you want to live a more mindful life full of self-love and self-growth? Then my new education might also be something for you! Read on to get a glimpse of what I’m currently working with – on…

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