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Looking for an unique experience …

I offer speaks, workshops and events that target personal development, professional motivation and divine Life Mastery techniques.

I want us to dare to fall in love with life, – and experience that life loves us back.
For me, my life is about a passion for love. About feeling the alignment in ourselves, with each other and with our world.
Life Mastery is about living a life with attention to the inner and outer balance.
It’s about living a beautiful harmonious life with passion, presence and awareness.

Our modern lives are full of exciting opportunities, and these can both seem attractive, but also overstimulating to an extent that can lead to stress and worry.
‘And it’s a shame, because we are so perfect and beautiful in all our vulnerability, especially when we feel our calling – and when we dare to mirror ourselves in life and in each other.

When I attend a beautiful event as a motivational speaker, I will be happy to talk about co-creating with life, and how to share the experience of meeting all each other through our personal life and heart power.

Love & Namasté


Foredrag - book Sussanne
Gaestetaler ved kvindearrangement
Foredrag - book SussanneGaestetaler ved kvindearrangement
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